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How To Find A Good Yoga School In Rishikesh India


How To Find A Good Yoga School In Rishikesh

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The last five to seven years has seen a growing interest in yoga education continuously in Rishikesh , India. However, to find a good yoga school in Rishikesh, it may pose a challenge. So if you are deciding to visit Rishikesh for a course in yoga, here are some helpful tips to find a good yoga school:

– Identify your style of yoga

Are you looking for hatha or ashtanga yoga or do you intend to learn both? If the yoga school is recognised by Yoga Alliance USA, you will find these styles of yoga being taught there. Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishikesh offers multistyle ancient teachings of both Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga.

– Check the course duration

The standard duration of a certified yoga teacher training course is 200 hours for beginners and intermediate students or 300 hours for intermediate and advanced level yogis.The course curriculum taught at Himalayan Yoga Association covers meditation and pranayama, yoga anatomy and philosophy and asanas.In this yoga school, we understand that it may not be possible for many to spend a long time in Rishikesh. Keeping this in mind, we have devised short term yoga retreat packages of 6 days within which we intend to provide students a meaningful experience.

– Find out if the yoga school is registered under Yoga Alliance

A certification under Yoga Alliance ensures high standards and reliability of the yoga courses being taught in a yoga school. So remember to verify this fact while finding a good yoga school in Rishikesh. All yoga courses conducted by Himalayan Yoga Association are certified by Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance UK , Yoga Alliance International and Government of India. These include 100 hour, 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher training programs.

– Know more about the teachers

Check if the yoga teachers are certified and experienced enough to teach. Only certified and experience teachers of yoga will be knowing about the safety measures to take in course of the yoga training and the contra-indications od the different yoga practices when undertaken by person-to- person.

– Look for photos and videos

Different pictures and videos of classes and excursions etc. indicate a student friendly school that welcomes all student aspirants and provides the maximum information to help them make the right decision without a prior visit to the actual premises which may be too far to go and check in person. Himalayan Yoga Association not only publishes and posts videos and photos continuously , but also handy educational information on topics like the yoga asanas, life and meditation, how to make the right choice of yoga teacher training course and many more on the list.

Lastly, do not forget to check the reviews and ratings about the yoga school that you choose , from at least 2- 3 different trusted sources instead of only 1 source. For example, Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishikesh, has awarded 5-star ratings by Facebook, Tripadvisor, Google and Trustpilot. This is one of the factors that makes it the number one yoga school in Rishikesh.


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