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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

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A complete base is needed if you are prepared to learn the higher and much more innovative form of Yoga. In this manner, the 100 and the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa programs introduce you to the basics which helps to put the base. The 200 Hour multi-style Ashtanga/ Hatha & Vinyasa flow based yoga teacher training in Goa will help in creating a tasteful arrangement upon it. The 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa program is made in such a manner that it lets you understand the specifics and provides you with the exposes to be a profound Yoga instructor. At the Mahamukti Yoga in Goa, we have a great deal of pupils opting for the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa program once they are finished with the basics which gives them a much better comprehension of the process.

So what are the main things which are covered under the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa program?

  • Mantra Chanting
  • Mudra (Yoga Gestures)
  • Shatkarma (Yoga cleansing)
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Pranayama (Breathing Control)
  • Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
  • Bandhas (Energy locks)
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Dhayan (Meditation)
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Comfort (Yoga Nidra)

These are some of the important forms that are covered in the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa program.

This course comprises the greater forms of asanas, pranayama, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy & physiology, yoga therapy and other subjects which will allow you to attain knowledge about the core structure. As you go deeper in the study, you will discover that the asanas are challenging but with the help of the well-trained Yoga teachers, you will gradually master the artwork. Pupils who elect for the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa program ought to have some fundamental knowledge about Yoga and they ought to be implementing it in their day-to-day life. Dedication together with willingness is required to master these forms of asanas but as soon as you master it, you’ll go through the change and discover a spiritual facet of yours. This 30-day program will certainly ease your senses and relax your body like never before.

Aside from Yoga, Goa itself is a destination which attracts a lot of travellers from all over the world. Its scenic beaches are world famous and the vibes that you get here are surely to look forward to. In Mahamukti Yoga in Goa, we’ve got a highly trained team of Yoga instructors, who during their years of experience have come forward to assist our fellow pupils in whatever manner possible.

The feedback from our students in the Mahamukti Yoga has always been positive. They are of a notion the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa program was a complete life changing experience for many of these and they now want to pass on to the pupils they socialize with. After completing the program you may entitle for a professional Yoga instructor and you will have the ability to instruct the novice, intermediate and advanced level students. We would like our students to grasp maximum knowledge from their period at the Mahamukti Yoga due to their personal growth.

Join us in Goa for the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa program so we can be at your service.